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The Reach of Marconics is Global.
A big ‘thumbs-up’ from our gracious hosts at the Spiritual organization, The Voice, in Japan yesterday, just before the first ever Level 1 training in: Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Healing.
Our team, led by Lisa Wilson, with Mary Pat Lynch and Gina Odryna, led a successful Spiritual Alchemy Workshop last weekend and since then have seen 71 individual clients over the past four days.
Some travelled long distances, one for 8 hours for a Marconic ‘No-Touch’ session even though the practitioner training class itself was closed to further registrations.
Another student came from Taiwan to take the class.
Takako, (pictured with Lisa Wilson below) signed up for a Marconic “No-Touch” healing session after experiencing a distance healing from Alison David Bird, all the way from the US.
The Japanese have a very long history of working with and understanding life force energy. One client commented that her session was ‘..better than acupuncture”!
As we wrap up our first two-week visit to the other side of the world to anchor this amazing new Ascension frequency, Marconics has already been invited back.
Japanese Lightworkers have recognized the importance of the work we are doing and are overjoyed to be the first wave of Marconics practitioners in the Far East.
For details of Marconics Workshops and Seminars in the North East of the US and beyond, visit: http://www.MarconicRecalibration.com



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