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“EQUILIBRIUM” By Grace Elohim vai Alison David Bird, C.Ht, (Originator of Marconics).


As you each, reach higher for your own spiritual salvation you assume you are dealing solely with your individualized, incarnate selves.

Having spent time in physicality you are aware of the density you have accrued in your own energy bodies through your experiences here, but what you are less aware of is how you are affected in your Higher-Self lineage, through their experiences throughout the history of this Free Will universe.

In the Birth of the Avatar, you are merging with these higher aspects of yourselves, who are simultaneously enjoying experiences on higher planes of existence and who have all played out roles of expression across the spectrum of Light and Dark, yes you have all played the ‘good guy’ and the ‘bad guy’ as you would judge them, with emotional and mental bodies that have also…

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