This fascinating interview with Marconics Founder Alison David Bird, C.HT and partner Lisa Wilson, LMT, explains Earth’s Ascension from the cosmic perspective in great detail including: The Shift, Ascension, Recalibration, Human Evolution,
Worm Holes, Portals, Star Gates, Time/Space, Frequencies, DNA Activation, and more. – Debbie West, LOST KNOWLEDGE RADIO.




Dreambarn Hollow, Chester, Vermont

JULY 18 & 19 2015

Friday 7/16: 6 – 9 pm Saturday 7/17: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm Sunday 7/18: 9 am – 3:30 pm

This 2.5 day Spiritual Alchemy Class and Level 1 – MARCONIC ‘NO-TOUCH’ SEMINAR is an exciting and expansive Practitioner Training course to become certified in Ascension Energy Healing.


Experience your own Human Upgrade with the MARCONIC QUANTUM RECALIBRATION – $333.00

Learn where we are in the Ascension process and why we need to connect back to the Galactic Core via the Axiatonal System of the Universe as we evolve to become the super Human 3.0




Accepted payments: MC, Visa, Paypal or Check

For Itinerary and sign up information:- http://www.MarconicRecalibration.com or, call: 617 366 6042 CLICK OR PASTE: http://www.marconicrecalibration.com/chester_vt_-_level_1.html


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“EQUILIBRIUM” By Grace Elohim vai Alison David Bird, C.Ht, (Originator of Marconics).


As you each, reach higher for your own spiritual salvation you assume you are dealing solely with your individualized, incarnate selves.

Having spent time in physicality you are aware of the density you have accrued in your own energy bodies through your experiences here, but what you are less aware of is how you are affected in your Higher-Self lineage, through their experiences throughout the history of this Free Will universe.

In the Birth of the Avatar, you are merging with these higher aspects of yourselves, who are simultaneously enjoying experiences on higher planes of existence and who have all played out roles of expression across the spectrum of Light and Dark, yes you have all played the ‘good guy’ and the ‘bad guy’ as you would judge them, with emotional and mental bodies that have also…

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Grace Under Fire Q&A with Grace Elohim, via Alison David Bird. QUESTION: When I am actively pursuing a Spiritual path I can feel really great! But for most of the time it feels like I am still …

Source: Guide for the Recently Ascended

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‘Peace and Joy’ – on Earth, and Good Will to all Men

Well, my dears, don’t you find this an amusing example of Divine Dichotomy?

Firstly, you take the celebration of the birth of Christianity and encourage your children to worship at the throne of a jolly hand dressed in red velour and nylon beard.

Then you let them sit on his knee, and for the rest of the year, warn them against sitting on a stranger’s knee.

Oh, if that were the worst of it. You see, this is where it begins. You lie to your young. This makes you perfect fodder for those who would prey on your emotions and desires to be the parents you fear you may not be.

Did you know that more positive energy emanates in the aftermath of a disaster than from Christmas? You put yourselves under such severe strain to meet impossible tasks and deadlines in the names of ‘Peace’ and ‘Joy’.

Then for a large part of the populations, these festivities – originally created to bring you a little relief during the depths of a relentless winter, filled with cold, darkness and hunger – now simply highlight the suffering of those still caught in the dark and the cold, with no food.

When we observe this time of year we are both amused and dismayed. Another dichotomy.

Some of you do see through the glittering facade of Christmas, to what lies beneath the tinsel and the fake glittering lights.

You see it’s nothing more than a gaudy facsimile of love and compassion being displayed by men for other men. For those who still cannot see, wont Christmas bells ring a little hollow in your ears this year when you hear your own leaders baying with hatred for the blood of the innocents.

Refugees drown daily having spilled from illegal, overloaded boats crossing into Europe in search of safety and freedom as they escape their homeland and persecution by Islamic state.  This should be familiar to you all here in America? How soon you forget your own history.

While you exchange paper greetings your warlords are gathering in sealed underground bunkers drawing up their plans.

When was war ever the answer?

War begets more war.

The ISIL faithful are the children of previous conflicts emotionally crippled refugees who have born witness to the effects of grasping materialism and over consumption of the capitalistic west? Yet this is this lifestyle your politicians are seeking to defend.

Christmas is merely a fire sale of mindless commercialism for the cabal who manipulate you into thinking you can buy happiness.

Your young externalize their pain and fear by coveting the latest toys and gadgets. Do you think they are more than momentarily soothed by demonstrations of pseudo kindness and uneasy displays of family reconciliation and temporary cessation of neighborly conflict?

If you have to make such a concentrated effort on one day a year, what does it say about the remaining 364 days? Or, do you say you are celebrating the Birth of Christ? Most of you seem unaware that Christ has indeed returned. Christ consciousness resides within each one of you now!

Ask your children what they would they prefer to do this Christmas, have an extra present or give it to a needy or homeless child? They will surprise you.

Surprise yourselves.

Find the joy, and peace will find you.





The Reach of Marconics is Global.
A big ‘thumbs-up’ from our gracious hosts at the Spiritual organization, The Voice, in Japan yesterday, just before the first ever Level 1 training in: Marconic ‘No-Touch’ Healing.
Our team, led by Lisa Wilson, with Mary Pat Lynch and Gina Odryna, led a successful Spiritual Alchemy Workshop last weekend and since then have seen 71 individual clients over the past four days.
Some travelled long distances, one for 8 hours for a Marconic ‘No-Touch’ session even though the practitioner training class itself was closed to further registrations.
Another student came from Taiwan to take the class.
Takako, (pictured with Lisa Wilson below) signed up for a Marconic “No-Touch” healing session after experiencing a distance healing from Alison David Bird, all the way from the US.
The Japanese have a very long history of working with and understanding life force energy. One client commented that her session was ‘..better than acupuncture”!
As we wrap up our first two-week visit to the other side of the world to anchor this amazing new Ascension frequency, Marconics has already been invited back.
Japanese Lightworkers have recognized the importance of the work we are doing and are overjoyed to be the first wave of Marconics practitioners in the Far East.
For details of Marconics Workshops and Seminars in the North East of the US and beyond, visit: http://www.MarconicRecalibration.com



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By Alison David Bird/Grace Elohim 


We do not understand your word ‘try’. What does it mean to ‘try?’

It means to step carelessly and without conviction on to a moving and collapsible structure of potentials which will reorganize with every whim of the mind to shift this way, or that with each premise or compromise.

You will jump and jive with evasion and avoidance as you run the gauntlet of slicing blades of ‘maybes,’ ‘ifs’ and ‘perhaps’’, and reach for any hand offered – by the light or by the dark – that can raise you out of the agony of indecision.

Make the decision and save yourself. Do it! Don’t do it!

Each will eject you from a timeline of inertia and set you on a new trajectory, a parallel path of infinite choices and opportunities. Everything lost. Everything gained.

At least when you make a decision you have made a commitment and everything in the universe conspires to greet you at the crossroads with all you need to achieve your desires.

Without a decision there is hesitancy: ‘I will try to make it..’ is formed in words and frequencies that spill from your mouths and are immediately contorted into misshapen and conflicting thought forms as the energetic geometric patterns suggest you may mean something else entirely. How do you imagine we can work with that?

You believe you are in the process of learning how to manifest. You are not learning how to manifest you are the Lords of manifestation and everything you see around you is manifested by you. You are the Master of your own Universe. You are all there is – a subatomic particle moving at infinite speeds so as to be here, there and everywhere simultaneously.

You simply need to shift out of the belief that the universe works against you, conspiring to bring you pain and misfortune. Collapse those particle wave patterns and begin to manipulate the energies to manifest what brings you joy.

If you want to do it, do it and don’t be concerned about the consequences, they do not exist until you manifest them. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

It is as magical, as powerful and as simple as that.

Visit: www.MarconicRecalibration.com 




By Alison David Bird, C.Ht; Originator of Marconics.

In the Procession of the Equinox our planet cycles throughout the Solar System and returns to Zero Point in the Milky Way Galaxy every 26,000 years.

The procession takes Earth closer to other planets, moons and stars, above the Galactic Plane then it begins to cycle away again, dipping down below the plane, causing it to continually alter its position in relation to all other heavenly bodies.

It is bombarded with gamma radiation and cosmic rays emanating from other planetary systems which in turn effect and influence conditions on the planet surface and within our own human electromagnetic energy fields.

When we are closer to the Zero Point, the electromagnetic radiation intensifies, causing us to awaken to a more conscious state. As we move away we begin to fall asleep again.

At the beginning of the last 26,000 year cycle, we were in Early Egyptian times, and fully conscious. Our energy fields were spherical and up to 30 ft in diameter, we had 36 senses, instead of the five we have today, and our chakras were nesting spheres, complete with a fully functioning Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus glands.

We were awesome!

Over thousands of years as we moved away from the Galactic Plane, we began to dumb down again and become disconnected in readiness for our experience of the third dimension and the illusion of separation from All that is. Immersed in the realm of relativity for our desired experience in duality we were prepared for the Karma game where we could enjoy the freedom of choice from a smorgasbord of personal self expression ranging from Good to Evil.

At the end of 2012 we returned once again to Zero Point, we are waking up! This is why this period has been heralded as ‘The End of Days’, because in a way it is. It is the end of the way we have been doing things for thousands of years.

We are spiraling back towards Source energy, exposed to ever-increasing amounts of gamma radiation from the Heavens, triggering changes in our DNA, stripping away our old energy fields and wiping the electromagnetic strip that adhered our experiences to our memories. We are changing, evolving and returning to the multidimensional beings we once were and will be again and so is our planet.

This is not by accident. This is Divine Will. We chose to reincarnate at this time to be part of this amazing experience as we Ascend from the 3rd Dimension, through 4th and into Fifth – a new Golden Age of Peace.

It is called ‘Ascension’ because we will rise up through the dimensions without having to experience a death transition. Up until now, the Fourth Dimension has been the Astral Plane and we would have to have died to experience it. But everything is being kicked up a notch in bandwidth of frequency, to make room for us in this Shift into higher dimensional experiences.

The Fourth Dimension is now a corridor to the Fifth, which resonates at a frequency above all those stemming from fear. To be comfortable there, we must release all karmic debris that still binds us to this density.

Spirit says, Marconics assists this process by liberating the being from his Karmic creations and attuning the body hologram to higher dimensional healing frequencies.

Marconic Recalibration is the ‘Evolution of Energy Healing,’ for the Evolving Human.


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