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Marconic Recalibration

Since the Earth passed through the Photon Belt in 2012  it altered its aspect in our system allowing for greater Light and Energies in the form of electromagnetic radiation to bombard the planet surface with higher quotients of Light and Energy. Marconics is LIGHT drawn down from the newly completed Infrared system,  carrying the Ascension Frequency of 144,000 now accessible in 2013. Human evolution requires that these energy frequencies are assimilated into our bodies for the triggering of DNA and the development of the Light-Body that will serve us in the Higher Dimensions. Our return to Multidimensionalism in this Universe is receiving the loving assistance from Higher Dimensional Frequencies. The completion of the Crystalline Grid,  triggered by the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, is finalizing. This new electromagnetic field connects us to each other and to every other living being, through Nine Dimensions. Some final steps are needed to release us from the density of the 3rd Dimension. Marconic Recalibration activates Axiatonal lines – vibratory lines in the 5th Dimensional body similar to Meridians in the 3rd – which reconnect us to resonating Star Systems so that we can receive and assimilate increased Light and Energy without distortion. Marconic Recalibration has been given to us,  For:

  • Uncapping “Trumpet” Chakras
  • Connecting Axiatonal lines to the new Crystalline Grid System
  • Dropping Density & Developing Light Body
  • Activating DNA
  • Stimulating Light Encoded Filaments (Bringing Information)
  • Increasing production of Adamantine (Crystalline Light) Particles
  • Stimulating the Pineal Hyper-Dimensional Gateway for Travel
  • Bringing the Higher Self into Merger

We are here to Assist your Ascension

“We are here to assist your Ascension”

We are coming to a town near you! Visit our website for Events Listings, Itineraries and Registration. Tel: 617 366 6042 www.MarconicRecalibration.com

Attendees will learn about the current human evolutionary process, and a new healing technique called: “Marconic “No-Touch”.

Anyone is capable of healing through the Unified field….

 Marconic ‘No-Touch’ involves the manipulation of the morphogenic field.  Participants will be able to go home and use this technique on family and friends, or if they are healing practitioners, on their own clients.

Contact us. 


WEEKEND INTENSIVE -Accommodations included!

Tickets: Total pice – $350 all in!

Do we live more than one lifetime? 

What if our spirit returns repeatedly in search for self-realization – on a quest to discover who we are; as well as where we are in our journey as souls cycling through time?

As our Spiritual Awareness grows and we Expand, we begin to remember our Divine Origins and Awaken to our Love for everything in the Universe.

 “Our job is not to clear up the Mystery; it is to make the Mystery clear”

  • Listen to the teachings of the Ancestors
  • Understand the Purpose of the Soul’s Journey
  • Expand Connections to your Inner Resources of Wisdom and Power
  • Meet the Multidimensional Beings that guide us in our lives
  • Hear the Channeled Truths about the 2012 Shift in Consciousness
  • Learn to Channel your own Truth.

Spiritual Metaphysics: Reincarnation, Karma & Soul Contracts

Journeying with Drumming; Shamanic Exercises and Inner Self Exploration

Also available: On-site MASSAGE and CHANNELED READINGS

 Hosted by: www.ahundredwaysoflight.com


Sandcastle Resort & Club, Provincetown, Cape Cod.

Accepted payments: MC, Visa, Paypal or Check 

For Itinerary and sign up information:-

 email: ahundredwaysoflight@gmail.com or, call: 207 251 1802

Member of MVWHA; Member of SHINE



 Emerging Light Weekend Intensive – Inclusive Weekend Rate

All rooms have kitchenette

Studio Single Person: $350.00   Studio Double Occupancy: 550.00

Double bedroom (sleeps four): $600 ($300 per person)

Price includes Lunch on Sunday

Seminar Day Rate available on Request

Beachside Accomodation


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